Plenary Session


Technical Session 1. 


Floods in a changing environment

  •  a. Climate change impacts
  •  b. Environmental implications
  •  c. Integrated Water Resources Management

Technical Session 2.


Flood Risk Management

  •  a. Flood Management in urban prospect (Concept of Sponge City)
  •  b. Flood Zonation and Hazard Mapping
  •  c. Land use control measures

Technical Session 3. 


Disaster preparedness: Standards and actions

  •  a. Crisis Management and Recovery
  •  b. Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Systems (FFEWS)
  •  c. Integrated Operation of Reservoirs

Technical Session 4. 


Flood management measures: Structural and Non-structural measures

  •  a. Room for river concept
  •  b. Ecosystem based Disaster Risk Reduction
  •  c. Flood control dams


Brainstorming Session


  •  Policy and Strategic Planning